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Chevra Kadisha (Burial Society)

Members of Cheltenham Synagogue may be buried in its cemetery. The Cheltenham Chevra Kadisha organises funeral arrangements and are able to advise on the consecration of Memorial Stones.

There is a local undertaker who is familiar with Jewish burial requirements and will, for example, take the deceased to Birmingham (Singer's Hill) Synagogue for the tahara. There are local stonemasons who are also familiar with Jewish requirements and will letter the stones in Hebrew as well as English as required.

For further information, please email the Chairman: or call members of the Chevra Kadisha; Allan Sanis (01242 697115) or Alan Silverston (01242 242724).

Following a Member's Death

Jewish law requires the burial to take place as as soon as possible after death, ideally within 24 hours, so speed is of the essence. However, due to logistics this is not always possible in Cheltenham.

Civil requirements mean that the next of kin, or an authorised representative, must collect the Death Certificate from the doctor. The death must then be registered at the Registrar's Office in St George's Road as soon as possible. The "Green Burial Form" must be given to the undertaker without delay and they will return the certificate to the Synagogue after the burial. It should be completed as instructed and the tear-off slip returned as directed. The remaining portion is held in the Synagogue records.

The funeral arrangements must be in accordance with Jewish law and should be agreed with the next of kin, the Chevra and undertakers.

Next of kin and members of the Chevra will arrange for the tahara, the ritual washing of the body. This is often at Birmingham synagogue.

Location of the Cemetery

The cemetery is located on Elm Street, 1.5 miles north west of the town centre. There is parking available on local streets.